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People are now traveling more and more with their dogs. Whether they take a long trip or just run an errand around the town, they will bring their pet friends. As a result, dog carriers and dog bags are increasingly popular than ever.

There are many types of dog carriers available on the market. In terms of functionality, most of the dog carriers are either front open, or top open.  In terms of materials, there are leather carriers, fabric carriers, and nylon carriers etc.


For small dog breeds, the shoulder carrier, purse carrier, or backpack carrier are preferable. They are convenient, lightweight, and easy to carry. For large dogs, dog carrier with handle or wheels is your best choice.

Although the focus of dog carriers and dog bags already went beyond their practicality to stylish and fashion, you should still stick to the most basic of dog carriers:

The good dog carrier should have vents on three sides, which allows for good air flow.

Petmate Softsided Kennel Cab Dog Carrier

  • Small, inconspicuous case your pet will enjoy traveling in
  • Cool mesh ventilation with zippered front door and top loading door
  • Exterior rear pocket for toys and treats
  • Easy to carry with adjustable shoulder strap
  • Measures 20 x 11.5 x 12 inches

The straps or handles of the dog carrier should be secure. Better yet, it can be secured to your dog’s collar for further security.

Now, go out and enjoy the time with your dog wherever you go.

Deluxe Backpack Pet Carrier on Wheels

  • Has a great ergonomic, hands free design. Measures 13"L x 11 1/2"D x 18 1/2"H
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps Carrying handle on top
  • Wheels and telescoping handle Rubber mesh for ventilation
  • Front zippered storage pocket
  • Comes in Tan with Black trim. Capacity: hold pets up to 22 lbs.