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Dog Toys

dog toy

Obviously dogs like to play with other dogs, as well as interacting with humans. But there are many reasons to give them dog toys.

It is dog’s nature to run, jump, chase, bite and chew etc. Dog toys can encourage them to do all the necessary exercises, instead of meddling around your household items and chewing your furniture.

Good dog toys can also keep your dog active and healthy. You can even train your dog with proper dog toys.


While choosing a dog toy, some basic rules should be applied, much similar to choosing toys for your kid.

(1) make sure the dog toy is safe

The dog toy should be large enough so that the dog couldn't’t swallow or choke by it. The dog toy should be durable enough so that the dog couldn't’t bite off part of it.
The material of dog toy should be safe, as well as animal allergic free. Read the manual before you buy.

(2) Choose appropriate dog toy for different dogs

Small dog toys should be different than the large dog toys. Active dogs would like the dog toys for running and jumping, but inactive dogs might like the dog toys for chewing. Get the most fitted toys for your dog, so that they will like them and play with them.

Our favorite dog toys:
- Dog chase toys: rubber balls, tennis balls, plastic Frisbees, throwing discs etc.
- Dog tug toys: knotted rope
- Dog chewing toys: chewing toy biscuits, chewing toy bones