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How to Treat Your Dog More Like a Person?


Clearly, a site devoted to clothing for dogs is taking a position on the whole "are dogs people?" debate that is very much in the affirmative. Why not?

Take a look at the dogs around you. They have distinct personalities and they are certainly emotional beings. They are capable of love -- you, it's brother and sister canines, all your friends and, sometimes, the cat. They are also capable of hate: the mail man, any and all human and animal intruders, and also, sometimes, the cat! Your dog has opinions. It opposes loud noises; it approves of all food. But, seriously, once you've made sure your dog is the best dressed canine in town, there are some more ways you can treat your beloved pooch, more like a real member of your family that actually makes some sense both for you and the dog.

1. Talk to your dog -- we mean beyond telling her what a good doggy she is. Sure, your pooch isn't likely to understand a heavy philosophical or political debate, but they appreciate the timber and emotional tone of your voice and sometimes it's good for us humans to have an entirely non-judgmental figure to speak with. It's also cheaper than going to a therapist.

2. It's not a great idea to give your dog human food as more than an occasional treat, and then you want to be careful about what it is (absolutely no chocolate or chicken bones, for example). However, if the dog's food fills you with disgust, then you're not treating her enough like a person, at least in our very humble opinion. Select food that your vet would approve of but that also doesn't make you gag. Nothing necessarily wrong with kibbled, by the way. (Ever wonder why your dog loves Doritos and corn chips? They're human kibble!)

3. What about where you dog relaxes and sleeps? Since maybe your treating your dog like a human and allowing it hang out at the couch and maybe even your bed. But, dog beds are essential to give your dog full personhood and they also just make sense that it should have its own special place to sleep in. It's a given that humans sleep in human beds. Dogs should sleep in comfy, cozy dog beds; it's just the way of the universe.

4. Play sports with your dog. True, the full rulebook of football and basketball might be beyond your dog's abilities, but both you and the critter likely need all the exercise you can get. We bet you can figure out a version of, say, soccer that your dog will appreciate.

5. Don't let the dog drive. Just don't.