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Dog clothes or not?

Perhaps you, as a dog clothes beginner, have been debating this questions for some time. We will not make the decision for you. You can make up your own mind after reading both the pros and cons as follows:

10 reasons to have dog clothes for your dog

1. This is the age to show off your elegance and grace, and there is no reason that your four-leg family members should be deprived of their rights to do so.

2. It is the expression of your love and affection to your spoiled babies, and to show how important they are to you.

3. Simple, because it's holiday time!

4. Your doggie just looks cute in that dog dress!

5. Dog clothes can prevent hair loss of your pet, and more importantly, you don't have much floor and carpet cleaning job to do.

6. If your pet is skin sensitive, dog clothes can help to protect him/her from skin irritation, or any skin related disease.

7. Dog clothes also prevent your dog from any ground disease if your pet is an outdoor maniac.

8. Just like us, dogs need to bundle up for the winter. There are times when the cold or damp weather is just too much for even the most well-furred dogs.

9. For small dog and delicate breeds with thin and slim fur, dog clothes can help them to live through a warm and cozy winter.

10. Surely, it's not pleasant to step on the salty and icy road with bare foot in the winter. Neither does your pet friend.


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