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Dog Clothes Beginners (2)


10 reasons NOT to have dog clothes for your dog

1. It is the dogs' nature not to wear any dog clothes, and they feel more comfortable without them.

2. Its just unnecessary, completely superfluous.

3. Dog clothes is not benefiting the dog, but rather than for the entertainment of its owner.

4. The dog doesn't like that dog dress, but he or she can't do anything about it.

5. Dog clothes limit dog's freedom and activities.

6. As winter comes, dogs will naturally adapt to the cold. Their own fur will get thicker and keep the body temperature for them.

7. Dog clothes will make dog more susceptible to weather changes. It will handicap dogs self-regulating mechanism.

8. Oops, your dog cannot scratch the itch with that dog sweater on.

9. Other dog without dog clothes will make fun of your dog.

10. And of course, it will cost you more money to buy those dog clothes.


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