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Dog Clothes Buying Tips


1. Dog-clothes shopping are much like shopping for your own kids. Some basic elements you should look for are quality, style and fit. Oh, yeah, the price too!

2. Also like in human beings, dog clothes should suit to your dog's personality. If you have an athletic dog, he might need some active or sporty dog coats that are designed to allow him move freely in intense activities. While for small breeds going outside less often, delicate dog leather collars, and fancy dog bandannas maybe the best buy for her.

3. Avoid dog clothes with zippers or buttons which pose potential choking hazard to your pets. Velcro snaps are much better choice, as they are self-sticking and are quite adjustable to allow for perfect fit.

4. Look at the quality; dog clothing must be strong enough to handle the occasional bites and scratches from the dogs.

5. Look at the lining; dog clothing should have clean lines that are less likely to get caught on things.

6. Look at the fabrics; dog clothes should be easy to wash and do not shrink easily.

7. Look at the designs; dog clothing should leave enough opening underside to allow your dog to do his business.

8. Shop with knowledgeable merchant (either in your local pet store or search for cheap dog clothes online). Ask questions whenever you can, and don't make purchase decision until all your concerns are answered.

9. Shop with sellers who are specializing in dog clothes or supplies. You may not want to buy from someone selling DVDs and discount dog clothes at the same time.

10. Lastly, remember to have fun when you are shopping for your loved ones!