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Dog Clothes Dressing Tips


1. Rule Number one: don't overdress your dog. Don't be tempted to dress your puppy with as much stylish dog clothing as you possible have. Overdress may cause your pets look cumbersome, and also bring extra burden during their activities. Dogs also have feelings, don't they?

2. Dress up your doggie in time. Changes of weather in spring or autumn time may come overnight. So be prepared and timely dress-up may prevent your four-legged friend from catching flu.

3. Know when to undress for your dog.? Just like understand when to dress up for your dog, you should also know when its time to undress the dog clothes for him or her. The sunlight in the middle of the day, even in winter time, can be hot enough for your doggie to feel dizzy or heatstroke.

4. Dress up your dog from his or her puppy hood. Don't wait to dress up your puppy until he or she grows up. Let them get used to the dog clothes-dressing feeling earlier. It may save you headache later on.

5. Good fit is essential. A good dog clothes should fit your dog like our glove to our hands. It should render comfort, as well as allow for full range of motions during their active movements.

6. Not every dog clothes is suitable for all breeds. There are clothes designed for particularly breeds of dogs to suit their needs and comforts. For instance, a sweater maybe a must for tiny breeds like Chihuahua in the winter months. Small dog clothing may let your Terrier to show off its legs and grooming. You my want to check Dog Clothes by Breeds for some breed-specific dog clothes choices.

7. Even though your dog is well dressed, you should still limit your dogs outdoor exposure in winter time. You may underestimate the coldness of winter, or how quickly and easily your dog loses its body temperature in severe weathers.

8. Always keep your dogs clothes dry. Its even worse to wear something wet and damp than wear nothing.