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Organic Dog Clothes

“Going green” is a buzz word nowadays, and it is equally true in the canine world.

Organic dog clothes, aka green dog clothes, or eco-friendly dog clothes, or natural dog clothes, or sustainable dog clothes, are taking the primary spots at both front shelves of retailers, as well as on the online pet supply sites.


So what are organic dog clothes anyway? green dog clothes


In simple terms, the organic dog clothes refer to dog clothing or dog apparel made from natural, recycled or reused materials.


Depending on how earth-friendly they are, dog clothing could be made partially or entirely of recycled or recyclable materials.


The materials that go into organic pet clothing could be many, such as organic cotton, organic wool, recycled fleece or even bamboo. They are basically grown with organic compost or in completely natural environment in the case of bamboo, therefore free of any toxic chemicals or pesticides.

Sckoon Organic Cotton Dog Kimono

  • 100% Egyptian cotton world famous extra long fibers that bring exceptional softness and strength. The more you wash, the softer it gets; your baby will love the comfort.
  • Easy Care: Just throw it in your washing machine! 100% Egyptian Organic Cotton requires no special care, except avoiding high temperature when washed & dried.
  • All Sckoon Products, baby clothing, pads and accessories are made of 100% Egyptian, 100% Demeter Certified Organic Cotton; the rarest and the most luxurious fibers in the world

Dog owners love organic dog clothes for the same reason we love any earth-friendly products. We want to do our part to save the environment, at the same time, we keep our dogs healthy and safe, and keep our earth green.

XL Casual Canine Eco-Friendly Green Dog Tee