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Puppy Clothes

Dressing the new born dogs or puppies with puppy dog clothing have some justifiable reasons.


The new born dogs don’t have fully developed fur yet, while for Teacup dogs or toy-sized dogs they maybe short groomed. They are both easily susceptible to the weather, either the outdoor coldness or the air conditioning indoor. Puppy clothes serve as an excellent protection for them.

New born dogs and puppies are also vulnerable to disease. Puppy clothes can minimize their contact with disease-transmitting dirt or debris while walking or playing outdoors.

Aside from the practical reasons, puppy clothes are gaining popularity among puppy owners purely for its fashionable reason. Most of the puppy owners like to dress up their “babies’ with cute puppy clothing, such as Dog Playsuits or Dog Sweaters.

The celebrity effect on pampering their toy-sized dogs fueled the puppy clothes frenzy. Chihuahua clothes literally become a dog fashion obsession when Paris Hilton dressed her Tinkerbell with adorable puppy clothing.

Anyhow, there’s nothing wrong with the puppy fashion fever as long as your puppy feels comfortable in the puppy dress. Puppies are in general more cute-looking than other breed, and they definitely looking cuter with a lovely piece of puppy clothes.

Some of the puppy breeds that are ideal for puppy clothes are Chihuahua, Papillion, Pomeranians, and Shih Tzu.