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7 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Dog Clothes


1. Select Fabric

The general rule for dog clothes fabric is as same as the fabric choice for our own clothing. Select lightweight fabrics such as linen or cotton that help to keep the body cool and comfortable. Stay away from the fabric that is stiff and rough. Also, choose the washable fabrics so that you can keep out of the dry cleaners.

2. Measure your dog

Accurate measurement is paramount before any pattern design and cutting. See our Measure Your Dog section.

3. Select a dog clothes pattern

This is also an important step. Please see our Dog Clothes Patterns section.


4. Cutting and sewing

Cut out your choice of dog clothes pattern out of the fabric. Sew the pattern together, either with needle or machine. There are also other ways to finish your dog clothes, crocheting, waving and knitting are the methods you can use. Just pick whatever is your best.

5. Consider Lining

Lining gives the dog clothes stability and extend its life. It also provides comfort to the dog.  If you are making a dog costume, lining will also help to preserve the shape of dog costume. If the costume needs more body, try to use underling which is stitched into the seams. Sometimes, interlining is also adopted as a backing for the lining. By doing that, it is attached to the lining sections before assembled and stitched to the lining seams.

6. Embellishment

The final step is to embellish your work of art cater to your dog’s style. You can hand-embroider your doggies’ name, or add a graphic patch to the dog clothes.

7. Reversible

While making a dog coats or dog jackets, consider a reversible dog dress. A reversible dog clothes not only gives you the benefit of having a second dog clothes, it also helps you to improve the stability and comfort of the dog dress with extra lining.