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How to measure your dog?


The first thing you need to do before making your own dog clothes is to measure your dog. Always get a complete set of measurements to ensure you have the enough information needed for the best fit of your dog.

The tool you need is nothing more than a cloth tape measure (not a metal tape which cannot lay naturally on dogs body); and the measurement take nothing more than patience and carefulness. Here's how you should do the measurement on your dog:



Neck circumference

That is where the collar of coat will be. Measure around your dog’s neck from the base of his collar, to the point where the collar would sit naturally on the dogs back. The measurement here should not be too broad or too narrow either. As a general rule, leave a room of 0.5’’ or 1 cm.

• Chest circumference

You should measure the thickest part of your dog’s chest to get the correct chest circumference. This is usually at the upper part of the dog’s front legs.  Normally it is difficult to get an accurate measurement due to the thick skin and fur in this part. So as a general rule, leave a room of 1’’ or 2.5 cm.

• Waist circumference

This is the middle section of your dogs belly, also the narrowest part near its rear legs.

• Back

This is the length from the base of dog’s neck to the start of its tail. To get the accurate measurement, you need your dog’s cooperation to stand still and squarely, not sitting or lying down.