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Dog Hats and Dog Caps

dog hat

Dog hats or caps are best for a stroll in the town. Imagine the look of wow and compliments you will get for your dog, it surely worth the time you spend to pick that hat for your four-leg companion.

Dog hats or caps can be as versatile and stylish as human hats do. You can choose among the styles of cowboy, beret, baseball, Santa, biker, captain, bucket, to name just a few.

Casual Canine ~ Camo Cap ~ Pink ~ Large

However, don't forget the practical side of the dog hats; they can keep your dogs ear warm in cold weather, and keep your dogs nose and eyes away from sun ray in sunshine days.

When choosing a dog hat, do remember to pick the one with adjustable Velcro strap, which will allow your dog to run around freely without losing his or her hat.

Youth Fleece Dog Hat - Khaki W19S20A

In summary, dog hats can be both stylish and functional. With just a little bit effort, your dog can show up his personality in a fashionable way.

Sun Protective Dog Visor Hats, UPF 50+ - Solids