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Dog Rain Gears

It’s colorful fall season again. Rain is a frequent occurrence if you walk the dog for your daily exercise. dog rain gear

Think about the following dog rain gear to prepare your doggie for the wet season:

Dog Rain Coat

The traditional dog rain coat is made of PVC material, just like human rain coat. Although it is a good choice to fend off the rain, the material is not ventilation-friendly. Given the active nature of the dog, it can easily feel too hot or humid to bear with it.
Keep in mind the follow while choosing a quality dog raincoat:

Material: water-proof fabric, polyester , or waterproof down cloth

Size: size can be relatively large than normal dog coat

Guardian Gear Dog Rain Coat with Reflective Stripe - Blue - Size Medium

Dog Rain Suit
A good dog rain suit should use light and waterproof material, which can not only protect the dog from the rain, but also comfortable to wear without feeling muggy underneath the suit. Even in the non-rainy day, the dog can wear them as comfortably as the normal dog jacket. 


Dog Jog Rainsuit in Red Dog Length (Collar to Base of Tail): 14"

Dog Rain Boots

A pair of dog rain boots can keep your dog’s paws clean and dry in wet weather. Same rule applies while you choose a pair of dog rain boots. They should be water-proof in the first place, then comfortable to wear without causing your doggie to sweat a lot.

Materials: Waterproof Nylon/Rubber
Quality: Breathable, water-repellent

Till now, stay warm and enjoy the fall rain boots

Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot