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Dog Sweaters

dog sweater

Dog sweaters are the most widely dressed dog clothing, especially in cold weathers.

If you have a very delicate toy dog, especially one trained to go on newspapers or in a box indoors, don't take him/her out in freezing weather unless you put on a dog sweater for him/her.

Some of the larger breeds that have thin fur and cannot tolerate coldness, especially cold, rainy, and windy weather, also should have a dog sweater on them if you take them outdoors.

Second, look for style and fit. Your favorite style may not be the best fit for your dog, and vice versa. However, you should be able to find the best of both worlds by extending a little bit patience. A good fitting sweater should completely cover the stomach of your dog, and also leave ample room for his movements with legs.

Classic Medium Cable Dog Sweater, Red

When you are shopping for a dog sweater, there're a number of elements you should looking at.

Firstly, look at the material that made of the sweaters. Dog sweaters can either be knitted or crocheted, with materials such as wool, cotton, synthetic fibers or some combination thereof. Some of the best materials that will provide ample warmth are Polar fleece, wool, and nylon.

Pink Heart to Heart Dog Sweater Small

Sometimes, you may need to do-it-yourself to get that best-fit sweater for your dog.

If you have a barrel-chested breed that is hard to fit with commercially made dog sweaters, try using a human sweater - yours for large dogs and child's for small dogs.

The arms of sweater can be shortened with scissors, and if the waist is too large, gather some of material and tie it with a rubber band.

Bottom line, always try on the sweater with your dog if you can for best fit.

Knit Dog Sweater

Dog sweaters will not only bring warmth to your dog in the cold and damp season, but also keep your canine friend comfortable and stylish with a wide variety of choices that's available.

So choose carefully and have fun.