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Dog Vests

dog vest

Dog vests are not just for working dogs or rescue dogs only. There are times you may find yourself exposed to harsh outdoor environment or severe weather conditions, together with your dog. A dog vest may well equip your dog to take on the challenges of these situations.

A dog life vest (or safety vest) can protect the chest and abdomen of dog from cuts, scratches and skin irritations in the harsh environment. The vest should have reflective materials to give added visibility to the dog in poor conditions.

Red Fleece Reflective Safety Dog Vest

A dog service vest is the perfect garment for dogs on the go. Whether walking, jogging or running in the park, your dog is sure to be seen with the highly visible safety stripes.

PooBoss K9 Utility Vest

Sports dog vest will provide both warmth and safety for activities such as hiking, hunting, or skiing. The material to make this vest should be light weighted, and don't add extra burden to your dog. Water-proof function is also sought-after if you expect your dog to go for lots of sport activities with you.

Hallmark 11702 HI-VIZ Body Guard Dog Hunting Vest - Large