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Spring Dog Clothes

spring dog clothes

Spring is the best season for fashion, either for human or dog, than any other time of the year.

The heavy dress to keep warm in winter is giving away to more light clothing. The colour is becoming vibrant. Therefore, the focus is gearing towards stylish and fashionable rather than practical.

Choice of Spring dog clothes:

• Dog jackets – it’s time to shop around for the latest trend and fashion style for the season. Meanwhile, Spring can still get a little chilly, which means while shopping for style, keep in mind you still need a warm clothes for your pet.

• Dog raincoat – dog clothes of practical use is the best bang of your buck. You definitely need a dog raincoat for this season.

• Dog hats – dog hats will make your puppy looking cute no matter what season it is.

Colour theme of the season:

• Pink – pink is the perennial color for dog fashion. Lots of people treat their pet as their baby, that’s why the baby pink color is so popular.

• Light blue – add a bright splash to the dog clothing

• Green – go green is in big time. So a perfect green dog jacket will not only trendy, but also environmentally matching.