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Winter Dog Clothes

winter dog clothes

Unlike summer dog clothes, winter dog clothes has the most practical use, and is more commonplace than any other seasonal dog dress.

The challenging weather requires the protection of your dog’s body, feet, as well as head. This is especially important for small dog breeds.

One thing to keep in mind: avoid going out in really freezing temperature even though you think you dressed your dog warm enough. Even the warmest dog clothes cannot protect the dogs well enough in extreme cold weather.

Choice of Autumn dog clothes:

• Dog sweaters – dog sweater is the best dog clothes in winter. They are very effective to provide warmth to the dog. It can also be stylish and trendy, as well as colorful.

• Dog boots and dog shoes – While walking in the snow, dog boots act as a nice protection from cold and rugged surface.

• Dog hats – Fur dog hats with protective hood is the best choice.

Colour theme of the season:

• Ruby-red – this is the popular color for dog sweaters. The warm color will indeed keep you puppy cozy in the season.

• Pink  – a pink sweater is very nice looking and fashionable.