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Halloween Dog Clothes

halloween dog clothes

Halloween is perhaps the best time of the year to dress up your pet. Yes, doggies do trick or treat too.

The choice of Halloween dog costume can be as fancy as something purchased from boutique dog fashion store, or as simple as improvised dog clothing you made by your own. Most of local pet stores sell pet costumes during the Halloween time. Be sure to check it out first.

If your dog never liked the dog clothes, a little bit “trick or treat” training can get him/her on board. First put on the dog costume over your dog's back for a few seconds, then offer a treat. Doing this repeatedly with increased time interval, your doggie will soon drool with delight at the mere sight of the dog costume.


One thing to remember, make sure your dog doesn't get into your kid’s candies. Chocolate, in particular, will make your dog very ill.