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Robert Cavalli Dog Fashion

Robert Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli, the fashion tycoon  is set to expand his fashion empire with a collection of canine couture, which will include satin-trimmed doggy bathrobes, printed silk shorts, shearling jackets, and velour tracksuits designed for small and medium-size dogs.

In an recent interview, his wife Eva Cavalli said: “Roberto and I have always loved animals; we have so many of them around the house, it came as a natural conclusion, therefore, to bring a bit of our style to the canine universe.”

Robert Cavalli dog accessories would include quilted dog carriers and patent-leather collars and leashes. The Robert Cavalli Pets Line is priced from $110 for a t-shirt to $1,200 for a patent-leather quilted carrier.

“Who doesn't love dogs? They’re reliable, faithful and caring. I could not imagine my house without them or our other animals. They’re true members of the family.”
Roberto Cavalli pets