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Von Dutch Dog Clothes

Von Dutch

Von Dutch, the Los Angeles-based fashion company, has become a leading American fashion label with a rock-and-roll attitude rooted in “Kustom Kulture.”

Although the company may appear relatively new, it's rooted in some interesting history. Von Dutch the artist, whose real name was Kenny Howard, was the father of the 1960s "kustom car" craze. He virtually invented the Von Dutch Hatch freestyle pin-striping and painted flames that became signature of the Southern California car subculture, and had a signature logo--a bloodshot winged eyeball which is now visible on most Von Dutch merchandise.

Von Dutch clothing (Von Duetsh clothes), founded in 1999, now creates t-shirts, hats, accessories and more for its lines of men and women’s products. In addition, Von Dutch Originals has successfully crossed over into a variety of other product offerings by licensing the Von Dutch name to a line of children’s wear, footwear, a jewelry line, a “kustom” motorcycle company, and even a die-cast miniatures toy line. Von Dutch Dog Clothes, inherited the spirit of its “Kustom Kulture”, are available at its own online store under the category of Von Dutch Pet’s Gear.